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Company News


Scan Drill KB started cooperation with Candor Sweden AB.

Candor Sweden AB will be exclusive distributor of SCANPOL® products in Danmark, Norway and together with Scan Drill KB in Sweden.


Cooperation with company Kemtek had been terminated and all SCANTEK products changed name to SCANPOL®.


SCANTEK products and technology are already into Polish market.


Webside is now updated with SCANPOL products for wastewater treatment. More info.....


From 03-08-26 the cooperation between Scan DRill KB and Technic Electric Ltd regarding selling Moisture Drilling System and Desmear 9106 solution had been terminated.

Present and future customers will be served by Scan Drill KB until new agent for MDS is appointed.



Now, our company may provide Metal Finishing and PCB market with services regarding treatment of wastes and wastewater. Long expierence from these fields is a inssurance that services done by our company will satisfy the most of customers. Our company is inventors for help chemicals used at treatment of wastewater. One of these products SCANPOL® is now sold in quantities around 200 tonns per year.This product has wide application range and is used at treatment of waste and wastewater at PCB and Metal Finishing Industry. The list of products you may find under Company Products

References for our chemicals will be given at request.



Desmear 9106 solution is now used also in metal machining industri as oil free coolant/lubricant.

Desmear 9106 is today mostly used in PCB industry because of demands that the laminate and hole walls can not be contaminated with oil. The some conditions may appear when machining metals or plastic materials. Today during mechanical machining the oil/water emulsion is used as coolant/lubricant and the goods need to be cleaned/degreased after machining. In the case when Desmear 9106 is used it is no needs to degrease goods. It is enough to rinse it in town water if necessary. The residue of Desmear 9106 in rinse water is very easy biodegradable. Desmear 9106 does not undergo fermentation as oil/water emulsion. Solution Desmear 9106 contents corrosion inhibitors and does not attack and corrode metals.Deasmear 9106 is a truly solution and lubricants do not separate from water when it is not pumped.

Shortly the economy behind Desmear is:
- minimal cost for cleaning of goods
- environment friendly product
- less cleaning,maintains and service of machines
- better work conditions for staff (no any oil smog)
Solution Desmear 9106 is ready to use and may be delivered in 25 L cans or 200 L barrels.



Moisture Drilling System broschure is now available to download as pdf files.


First installation of MDS in Poland

First installation of Moisture Drilling System® in Poland has been done at Tele and Radio Institut 
ITR in Warsow. MDS is installed on two spindle Excellon 300. More informations is available from Z&Z company Krzysztof Zaczek +48-22-789 0769.


New Agent for MDS in Poland

Company Z&Z  situated in Wiazowa (south-east from Warsow) is appointed as agent for Moisture Drilling System®.


  • 2000-05-05:
  • New distributor for Moisture Drilling System and USA/Canada market has been appointed. 
It is well known company supplying quality drilling&routing products for every aspect of the Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Processes.

The company name is Cutting Related Technologies, Inc.

355 Sackett Point Road Unit 5
North Haven, CT. 06473
Phone (203)-281-1266, Fax (203)248-9331

We hope that, by having a local distributor, you will receive a better and faster response for your Moisture Drilling System requirements.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to direct them to Cutting Related Technology Inc. who will be happy to assist you.

  • 1999-05-27: The new homepage published with new design and layout. New is also the "Company News" page which will keep you informed of what's going on in our company.